Snuggies + NYC

Well I made it to NYC all safe and sound with absolutely no travel hang ups whatsoever! I can almost not believe it. 3 hours of sleep, 2 plane flights, 1 subway ride, 8 blocks lugging my luggage and 11 hours later, I'm finally here! And I've decided that I need a snuggie/slanket in my life. I know! Who would've thought I'd ever utter those words, and while I'm at NYFW, to boot! Well, on my flight I decided it would be a perfect idea to have a snuggie because who wants to try and wrap up in those tiny blue blankets they give you? I tried today and it was difficult. That was when I decided I wanted a snuggie. Lo and behold, I am currently wearing a snuggie. RIGHT NOW. I got to my friend's apartment where I'm spending the night and she has a snuggie! After testing it, I thoroughly approve. This is me looking a.) very tired from a long day of travel and b.) wholly enjoying my snuggie experience:

Well, I suppose I should sleep. Gotta get my beauty rest so I can party like a rock star all weekend! NYFW, here I come!