People's Revolution

This is actually my outfit from Sunday. I'm a couple days behind. I got this cute ruffled dress from Value Village a couple weeks ago, and it's much more of a spring/summer dress, but I still wanted to wear it. It'll be a perfect sundress for whenever summer does come along. I wore my cute little polaroid pendant that my Mom got me for Christmas. It even has a little polaroid picture that pops out!

dress/thrifted :: cardigan/Gap :: tights/fred meyer
shoes/target :: necklace/gift (juicy couture)

I went to my second interview today. Now I'm just waiting to find out whether or not I got the job! Crossing fingers, commence! Oh, and my online school started yesterday! I'm trying to figure out all this junk and hoping that I don't owe them money (which is remarkably difficult to discern).

I'm currently watching "Kell on Earth" about Kelly Cutrone and People's Revolution. I think it will be an interesting show. What I hate most about reality tv is that it's all about people trying to get their 15 minutes of fame by being ridiculous and stupid. I like that this show gives a different perspective on the fashion industry. I mean, it's not all pretty clothes, it's a churning business that can eat you alive, and I find that aspect pretty fascinating. I hope they focus the show most on the interesting work that Kelly does and not so much on silly interpersonal drama.

In some more fashion related quasi-news: I just got two tickets for the Academy of Art University's grad school fashion show and this is solidifying my desire, nay, need to get to NYC for fashion week. Dear Chictopia, I love you, please give me free tickets to get there!!!! PLZTHX.