Night Owl

I'm being forced to be patient with the Brave situation. So far I haven't been able to get in contact with him to go look at it. I suppose that's kind of good, since I can't see it until Friday anyway, what with 10 hour days at work. If I do get this one, it's already teaching me life lessons. I don't really like making big huge elaborate plans. I'm pretty spur-of-the-moment. If I decide to do something, I like to be able to just get it done and over with, no dilly-dallying. This is probably one part of why I cut my own hair. I don't like having to wait for an appointment, I just like to cut it when I want it cut. While I think this spontaneous nature is a good thing, it's also probably good to have some ability to plan out stuff and/or be able to wait for things to happen, rather than try to make them happen immediately all the time.

skirt & shoes/thrifted :: top/scrapbook :: cardigan/hand-me-down :: polaroid pendant/juicy couture

Getting dressed for work has been interesting. I keep picking out outfits the night before, but then I wake up and feel like wearing something totally different. Mostly because I don't pick out the outfit based on the fact that I'll be sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours. Then I'm stuck trying to chose clothes in a 6 am haze of half sleep. Honestly, I should probably not do anything that requires cognition before the age of 10 am, so creating any sort of decent outfit at 6 am kind of amazes me. I'm so not a morning person. What about you guys? Are you morning people or night owls? I feel like I physically cannot fall asleep before midnight!

Oh, and I thought I'd show you guys a brand new site (though I'm sure many are already aware of it): Couturious! It's really fun. You get to put together outfits using a bunch of gorgeous designer clothes and then post your outfits! It can get addicting, though. Once I start making outfits, I get ideas for other outfits and then it just snowballs! I definitely don't need another website to spend my time on, but it's a really cool interactive site. My favorite part is that it gives you different options of how to wear one item. Like a top can be worn over or under a skirt. Or a jacket can be worn closed or open. Pretty fancy. Anyway, you guys should hop over and take a look. You can check out my looks here.