Woodland Creature

Well, tomorrow is my last day at work. Luckily I have an interview in the near future for a graphic design job and I'm so nervous/anxious/excited about it. I really really hope I get this job. Mostly so I don't have to be unemployed for too long. I've been thinking about selling more vintage stuff on my etsy to bring in some income, but it's hard to find vintage pieces in Alaska! I mean, people haven't lived up here for very long, so there aren't really a lot of old clothes. There's a lot of ugly clothes, though, haha! I'm going to try though. I'll let you guys know when I update etsy.

dress/cosette :: cardigan/target :: leggings/F21
boots/minnetonka :: scarf & bag/vintage

I went to the mall today to help my little brother pick out some new glasses and the peewee hockey players were practicing. It was the cutest thing ever. They're actually pretty good at skating, but they fall down all the time. There was probably 40 of them and at least 20% of them were on the ice at any given point in time. Adorable! I have decided that when I have a kid he/she is most definitely playing hockey. I'll live vicariously through my children. Isn't that what all parents do? Haha.

My mom came home today and told me that a lady at work told her that she looked like an Anthropologie ad. She was really excited. Maybe I'm rubbing off on her? Haha. I should've taken a photo of her outfit and posted it!

I entered the Chictopia10 contest so go check out my post on why I love Chictopia! I would really really love to go to the Chictopia10 summit in NYC for fashion week, but I definitely can't afford it, so hopefully I win! I'm probably the furthest away from NYC that you can get and still be in the US. Maybe Hawaii is further.

And keep Haiti in your prayers, guys. The devastation is unthinkable. That country won't be the same for decades.