Unless They Look Like Mick Jagger

Well, here's what I wore to my interview. Pretty much the exact same outfit I wore last week except different skirt. It went pretty well, I'll find out soon if they want me go back for a second interview. I think my portfolio was pretty well put together (for doing it the night before). It seemed to go over pretty well. I was happy with it, so at least there's that.

If any of you have been around my blog for a while, you'll remember my Menswear Monday feature that I used to do. I did it kind of for my little brother, who is fifteen and sort of interested in style, to the extent that a 15 year old heterosexual boy can be. Anyway, I'm doing a couple guest posts at Male Ugly for Chictopia, so go check it out!

When I visited Washington a couple weeks ago I retrieved my macro lens. I haven't gotten it out since then until today. Man is that a nice lens. It can get so close it makes the patterns on my skin look like little canyons.

skirt/thrifted :: top/thrifted :: shoes/ payless :: purse/vintage :: necklace/mousevox vintage :: ring/F21

My best friend finally got a camera and she's starting a blog!! She's super awesome, so go over and check it out. She hasn't posted any outfits yet, but hopefully she'll start soon. She's built very much like Christina Hendricks and I haven't ran across many fashion blogs that are by curvier girls. I'm excited to see her outfits!

Oh, and we haaaaave a winner! The winner of the Decades of Baltimore giveaway (randomly drawn), is....

Midwest Mayhem! Congratulations!

P.S. I'm not really a big fan of Ke$ha (mainly because a.) I'm not a huge fan of her singing style, and b.) who uses a dollar sign in their name?), but I'm totally on board with that line about Mick Jagger-esque boys.