Hope is the Thing With Feathers

Lazy Sunday. I thought I'd put some pretty pictures up.
I was watching X-Files yesterday (as I am now... nerd alert), and there was an episode where Mulder was talking about collective unconscious and acquiring memories and experiences through our genes. He said something about how we are the genetic sum of the entirety of our ancestors from the beginning of time. Now, I don't subscribe to the idea that I am affected by my ancestors' memories, but the idea that we are the sum of our ancestors is interesting. I would not be me without the collective confluence of all these millions and millions of genes telling proteins to make me, not anyone else. Those genes have been thousands of years in the making. Isn't that interesting? It's like this incomprehensible cocktail of genetics that makes you. We are all so incredibly unique that it's hard to fathom. Just a cursory understanding of genetics is mind-blowing.

(images: ffffound, my own)

I want someone to fall in love with me. Mainly so they can take pictures of me being silly and looking oh so happy (like these two). Unfortunately, I don't think I can fall in love again. Not yet.