Here we go, Aces

I took my outfit pictures like four times today. For some reason my camera did not want to focus on me. I was determined to get some outfit photos though, and I ended up changing halfway through my unsuccessful outfit photoshoot. I thought instead of doing my usual outfit, I'd show you guys my hockey game garb. For the first half of the season I just wore my normal clothes to the games because my Aces jersey was stuck in WA with all my junk from college. When I went down there last week, though, I got it! It's pretty exciting to me because I got this jersey when I was like ten years old, and never went to a game without it. It's funny now because this jersey is practically a museum piece! They aren't even called the Anchorage Aces anymore, they're the Alaska Aces and only a few other people in the whole arena have a jersey of this vintage.

jersey/Anchorage Aces :: leggings/F21 :: boots/lulu e. bebe

Lately I've become increasingly jealous of all you bloggers with photographers! Ah, it would be so nice not to have to haul out my tripod and finagle it in the right position (in the snow), get it to focus on where I'll be standing (sometimes unsuccessfully), and then run back and forth to push the self timer. Look at me being a little whiner. I guess this never was a problem before but I've been trying to take my pictures at more fun locations than just my red garage door. This means a lot of tromping through snow and being outside much longer than I used to. I guess I'd better buck up and get better at self portraits!

So I have been thinking about what I said up there. Last night I had a great conversation with one of my best friends and I asked him about his new years resolution. He said one of his things was to try and be intentional about making every day what he wants it to be because we are living our lives, nobody else, so we've got to make a conscious effort to make our lives what we want them to be. Anyway, going along with that is the decision to be positive about stuff, not to take a negative outlook when something is a bummer. Thus, I have decided to retract my little whine about having to do my own photos and replace it with a decision to get better at doing my own photos! I think it's hard to be positive on some days where things just seem "off" but we have such an opportunity in those moments to make life what we want it instead of letting life make us what it wants.