Double Exposure

Well, turns out today wasn't really my last day. I'll probably work a few days next week. I wish I wasn't, but I guess I should keep working till I have something else lined up. Kind of makes my heart drop a little, even so. Oh well.
I got my film back today! Here are my favorites. These are all from my trip to Washington. I really like taking photos there.

I have decided that the next roll in my Holga is going to be all double exposures. Halfway through this roll I remembered that I can do double exposures and the one I did on this roll is definitely my favorite. I haven't done very many before so I think it'd be neat to to a whole roll in doubles and see what happens. Maybe I'll use my day off to take a whole roll, assuming the sun comes out... doesn't look too promising as of now.

So I have been thinking of ways to further interact with my fellow bloggers... in a more concrete way. I know that we interact pretty much on a daily basis through the internet but I think it'd be cool to do something more "real." I'm not talking about a blogger meet up, mainly because I can neither organize nor attend such things due to both my location and my money all going to the Winnebago. I'll let you guys know if/when I flesh stuff out. If it all comes together I think it'll be a cool project!