Blinded by the Light

I actually got to work a full day today! Unfortunately that means I'll probably end up going home early tomorrow because there'll be nothing to do tomorrow. Speaking of work, here I am at work.Today I was trying to spritz a perfume and it didn't seem like it was coming out, so I was looking at the nozzle and it spritzed right in my eye. My eye refused to open for at least a half hour subsequent to the assault. I probably looked like one eye was on drugs because it was all red and gross.

skirt & leggings/F21 :: shirt/AA :: booties/payless

I went thrifting and Forever 21-ing last night and IT. WAS. AWESOME. I forgot how soothing it is to be around cheapcheap clothes. I'm like "$2.99 for a shirt?!! Booyah!" The stuff at the boutiques I work at is all cute, but out of my budget range (which is like, if it's more than 10 bucks, I can't afford it). I had a gift card to F21 from Christmas, so I spent a little of it in the clearance section, which is basically like thrifting because it's so damn inexpensive. I got this skirt there, I think it was $4.99. So comfy! I also got a dress and an amazing leotard, which I cannot wait to work into an outfit. My wardrobe was getting kind of stale, and even though remixing my closet was creative, it's always nice to have a little infusion of new stuff now and then. I also saw a bunch of people doing the layered socks with heels thing and wanted to try it out. Perfect for me since all my shoes are about 1/2 to 1 size too big for me to begin with! Plus, it keeps my feets warm.

Well, time for dinner. Taco salad! Thanks Ma!

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