Release Me.

I'm totally bummed, you guys! I was all set to have a wonderful relaxing day and then I got called into work. Consequently, none of my plans got to come to fruition, including outfit photos, making some artwork, and doing today's blog post. Needless to say: kind of annoyed. Oh well. I would say I need to wake up earlier to do outfit pictures before work, but guess what! The sun doesn't come up before I have to be in the car to leave for work! And then it's down hours before I come home. Blast!

Today I decided, to hell with tights! I have to say, as much as I love me some tights, my legs are getting a little claustrophobic. I pine for the days where the breeze can run across my legs uninhibited by any legwear whatsoever. Anyway, it was kind of cold, but felt really good to not wear tights today.

Here are some lovelies who are inspiring me tonight...