The Heisman goes to: 2009

Well, people. Say goodbye to 2009. To express to you my feelings about 2009, I'm going to tell you a story.
In Jr. High I had an awesome science teacher. He was hilarious, as well as a brilliant teacher. He had an excellent rapport with the students. He used to do this thing where he'd give students "The Heisman Award." If you got "The Heisman" it meant that you were rejected by someone, whether it be turned down for a date, or a rejected request to attend a dance with someone, etc. If you've ever seen the actual Heisman trophy, you'll see that it looks like so:

As you can see, the guy in the trophy looks like he's pushing someone else away, rejecting them. So. Here's how I feel about 2009. I'm giving 2009 the Heisman. Goodbye 2009. Good riddance. Here's to 2010– please be better than 2009.

skirt/thrifted :: dress/old navy :: cardigan/target :: necklace/dolly and boy
tights/target :: boots/lulu e. bebe

I got this lovely necklace from Dolly and Boy Jewelry! It's a feather and a peace sign on a wonderful beaded chain. I love the simplicity. I don't have pierced ears, and my wrists and fingers are too small for most jewelry, so necklaces are really the one jewelry piece I can wear most of the time. Thank you so much to Dolly and Boy jewelry for this necklace! She sent one to Kat Von D once and she wore it in this photo. I feel so cool, like Kat! Haha. Be sure to check out the store at Dolly and Boy Jewelry!

Oh, and for all you tweeters out there. I decided to make a twitter for Delightfully Tacky. I don't know why... networking? If I like it, it'll stay; if I don't, it goes. So be my friend/follower/twitterpal!