The Slack Tide

Today is one of those days where you like what you're wearing while standing in front of the mirror before leaving the house, but as soon as you leave you become totally dissatisfied with everything. Then you're stuck at work for 8 hours and are unable to rectify the constant annoyance of what you are wearing. Today I wish I was wearing a scarf. And I wish this cardigan didn't make me feel so thick. Blah. Can you tell I'm hormonal today? Gee whiz. I will take solace in the realization that I probably wouldn't have liked anything I put on this morning.

cardigan/old navy :: dress(skirt)/Pike Place Market :: tights/F21 :: boots/target :: necklace/wildcatters

I had to take my computer in to get fixed yesterday, which I'm NOT excited about. Especially since I only just got it in February. My old computer made it through dozens of airplane trips, an RV trip around the country, beer being spilled on it, being dropped from a height of 4 feet onto the floor, and so on. For five years it worked perfectly! And then it began to die and was gone in a month. I like my Apple, but this kind of thing makes me want to go back to a Toshiba. I guess we'll see how it goes when I get it back.

I got into the MFA program for Fashion Journalism today. Now I just have to decide if I actually want to go. Having spent the past couple months thinking about it, I just don't know if I actually care about fashion enough to go to school for fashion journalism. This probably sounds weird coming from someone who writes a style blog, but frankly I really don't care much for fashion or labels or designers or fads. And, I think I'm a small city girl at heart, and it seems like fashion journalism is rather focused on big cities like New York, LA, San Fran, Paris, etc. Not that I don't find big cities exciting and interesting, but if I'm going to make a career out of something I feel like I should be able to do it and live somewhere I enjoy living. Blog-friends, I just don't know what to do. I don't feel like I belong in Alaska, even though I love it dearly. I feel I am at slack tide in my life. Stuck in between an ebb and flow.