The Prints and Me

I didn't realize how crazy my print mixing was today until I took these photos and looked at myself. Texture! Prints! Layers! I think it works though. I haven't taken off my leggings in days, and today I decided to add tights on top of them. Interestingly, putting my Fuschia tights on top of my black leggings made the tights look purple.

Today it was 5 degrees fahrenheit outside today. I am considering telling you guys what temperature it is everyday, simply because it fascinates me that it is so cold here and down in california and other places it's still in the 60's. And those of you down in the southern hemisphere are in the throes of summer right now! Totally crazy.

dress/F21 :: skirt/handmade :: leggings/F21 :: tights/fred meyer :: boots/target

We made a big ice rink today! I couldn't find our hockey sticks, though... just a puck. I guess we'll have to go out and get a few. No sense having an ice rink with no hockey sticks! I have no clue how to figure skate, so my fun is all in playing hockey.

For those of you out there wondering how to dress for the cold while still looking stylish, I'll attempt to give you guys a few tips. I realize that my photos are taken outside and I'm not wearing a coat in my photos, but that is simply because I'm showing my outfit sans coat. By all means, when I'm actually going anywhere I wear a coat and gloves. To not do so would be sheer madness. Here are a few of my tips for dressing for cold weather:

1. Layers.
Obviously. Layers are pretty much a basic concept for fall/winter outfits. Wear a camisole under your top, then a cardigan or other layer over your top, then a coat. Multiple layers, no matter how thin they are, capture heat and keep it close to your body. Multiple layers allow air between them to contain your body heat, so don't underestimate the power of layering.

2. Leggings.
I think a lot of people think that leggings are more cold than wearing jeans or pants. I'm not convinced that is the case. I wear two layers of leggings and it feels no colder to me than wearing a pair of jeans. If you're wearing jeans, throw on a pair of leggings first, or thermal leggings. For 15 years of my life I loathed leggings. When I was a wee lass I loved leggings and then for years I hated them. Now, I swear by them. I love that they allow me to wear tights in the cold. Throw a skirt over leggings and people might call you crazy, but it's not any colder than people wearing jeans.

3. Cardigans.
These are a cute over-layer which are always a great choice. Belt a cardigan, wear it over a dress, throw on some leggings and you're ready for going out in winter weather!

4. Coat/Jacket.
It's important to have a great coat. This is one of those investment pieces. If you're going to spend a lot of money on something, get a great coat. For me, the concept of a cute coat was totally beyond me until until a couple years ago. Mostly because 90% of people here in Alaska just wear a big puffy snow coat, Northface jacket, or their snowboarding jacket. There are so many cute and warm coats out there. If anything, a great peacoat is always a safe bet.

5. Boots.
If you're tromping through snow, good footwear is essential. Heels are kind of out of the question, though you can throw on a pair of socks with your heels, or wear a pair of booties. I would not recommend anything with a significant heel if you're doing a lot of walking through snow. Boots, though are a must have. There are a lot of styles of boots out there right now, which is nice because you can choose a pair which really jive with your own personal style. Short, tall, over the knee, leather, suede, heels, flats, black, brown, and we even have a pair of fuschia boots at the boutique I work at! How fun, right?

6. Hair.
This might seem like a weird tip, but for me, it's a must. Wear your hair down. Really. I never wear my hair up in the winter. Never. Maybe I'll do it half-up, but even that I don't like doing, and I'll tell you why. Most of your body heat escapes through your head, so wearing your hair down keeps that heat in. If you pull your hair up and tight against your head, it removes the layers of hair where heat can be trapped. Plus, pulling my hair away from my face always makes my ears freeze. Granted, my hair is actually like wearing a fur hat on my head since it's so enormous, and I realize that not many people have my kind of hair, but I still think that wearing your hair down is a solid way of staying a little warmer.

7. Scarves.
Scarves. Simple. Cute. Basic. You know what to do.

No need to be frumpy in the cold. Most people up here dress for function, completely foregoing any sort of style whatsoever, which I think is such a shame. For me, style seems to infuse my life with a creativity. I'm such an artistic person to begin with that I'm kind of surprised I never found my style voice until recently. I was so shy as a younger person, though, and being a stylish person in Alaska certainly draws attention. Attention which I was not comfortable with when I was younger. Now it kind of rolls of me like water off a duck.

So don't be afraid, dear readers! Go out in the cold, and go out there with style!