Orchid Grey

Quasi-day-off today. I got to hang out with my dad and plan dinner for my mom. Sushi apps! Yum. Later we're gonna have barbecued steak and shrimp kabobs.
I've been wearing these boots basically non-stop since I got them. They are so comfortable and seem to go with everything. I was inspired by Orchid Grey for my outfit today. I pulled out one of my mom's old big scarves and belted it. My top is actually a maternity top, which is long enough to kind of be a mini dress (only appropriate with leggings, of course).

top/goodwill :: leggings/F21 :: boots/target :: scarf/mom's

Wearing maternity clothes makes me feel like my favorite baby-blog, Dear Baby. That makes it sound like I have some weird obsession with baby blogs, which I do not. I only read Dear Baby because she is so cute and has such wonderful things to say about her love, life, and pregnancy. Check it out. Plus, she wears lovely outfits and doesn't get stuck wearing ugly maternity clothes. It gives me hope that when I'm pregnant (in the oh so distant future...) I won't have to sacrifice looking nice for the giant object emerging from my belly.

Has anyone else been feeling festive lately? Not in the holiday sense of the word, just in a sense of wanting to party and get together with friends and loved ones and drink and eat great food. I've been really wanting to get down to Seattle this month, not only for The Clothes Horse's blogger meet-up, but to visit all my friends down there. I wish I could plan a party in Seattle from afar and have all my friends be there when I arrived. It's this kind of thing that makes me wish I still lived in the contiguous United States. Alaska doesn't feel far away until you want to actually see people in the Lower 48.

Oh, and head over to the ModCloth blog, where I've been featured! Thanks ModCloth! Now if only I can afford all your delightful items!