On Golden Pond

Yay! Today I had my first day off in a couple weeks. It felt good to not have to do anything or be anywhere. Unusually, our lake has frozen before any snow has hit the ground! It actually felt solid enough to walk on, but I wasn't going to risk falling through to check. Little Bit was tromping all over the ice though. I can't wait till it's solid enough to go skating! It hasn't been above freezing in quite a few days, and my computer is telling me that it's going to snow tomorrow. Perhaps I'll finally get to make a new file on my computer: 2009 Winter. I won't make the new file till it snows!

skirt/handmade :: shirt/found in my old closet :: leggings/F21 :: boots/target

I saw this fabric at JoAnne's last week and loved the vintage-y, native american print (my mom said it reminded her of the tacky 70's... perfect! haha). It reminded me of Marty McFly's tacky old west costume, in a way. I decided I must make a skirt out of it. It was pretty quick actually, just the fabric and an elastic band! I have a skirt constructed just like this one so I basically just copied that one. I got this t-shirt way back in high school at an airplane supply store in the kids section and I decided to cut a v-neck into it.

Little Bit was having a blast outside today, she kept running all over the place and wanted me to play with her during my outfit pictures! Consequently, she is my photo-pal today. Cute!