A Blustery Day

Winter wonderland! Well, not so wonderland, but winter. Today it was blizzard central! I heard on the radio that we had gusts to 90 mph! Needless to say, it was a blustery day. Plus it was just warm enough to make all the roads treacherously slick. I need studded tires in a serious way. Up here nobody has chains or even knows how to work chains. I remember when I went to school in Washington state people would all put chains on their tires when it snowed bad. The only vehicles I've ever seen with chains on in Alaska are school busses. I'm pretty sure you'd get laughed at if you put chains on your car up here.

top(dress)/Ruche :: skirt/thrifted(altered) :: tights/fred meyer :: boots/target

I finally got around to altering this skirt today. I was in the process of making another skirt but before I could even get started on it I realized I was out of thread. So then I decided to alter this one in the meantime. It is one of my favorite skirts, but the length was just a little off. So now it's just right!

I got some more tights today and a new skirt. Hopefully you will see both soon. As you can see, my Target boots have become permanently attached to my feet. I have been thinking a lot about buying clothes and where I buy clothes and how much I buy clothes, etc, etc. Many thoughts have come and gone from my brain, and I intend on sharing those thoughts with all of you, but for now, I abstain from accosting you all with miles of text.