She shakes like a willow tree, yeah.

I have found my song.

Whoah, the girl I love, she got long black wavy hair
I do declare!
The girl I love, yeah, she got long black wavy hair,
Ah yeah,
Her Mother and her Father, Lordy,
They sure don't, sure don't allow me there.

Well I, I'm goin' back to my baby, Lord I,
I swear I wouldn't lie, yeah
I never saw that sweet woman yeah in-a
A-five long years gone by, yeah.
Well I'm goin' ho__me, I'm goin' home
'Cause she's a sweet little darlin', ah
I said I been away, ahh-far too long,
I been away too long.

Take it Jimmy!

Well, my baby when...
She shakes just like a willow tree,
Yes she does.
My baby, when she walks, ya know
She shakes like a willow tree, yeah.
Ah-that mean, mistreatin' baby she know she
Hop, hops all over me.
Oh Robert Plant, why must you sing with that sultry voice? And Jimmy, why do your fingers play that guitar's fretboard with such passion? You guys are killing me!

Well, thank God I don't have to work tomorrow. I was freaking out trying to figure out how I was going to work and do my photo shoot. I have been scouring the web for inspiration for hair, make up and poses...

Big, frizzy hair, dark eyes, and movement. I'd like to get some movement since with my self-photographed shoots I can never get my movement to be timed right with the self-timer. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I may have to modify my concept. It was going to be just an outdoor shoot, but I'm thinking of possibly incorporating a tarp if rain becomes involved. Homeless shanty-town chic? Sounds high fashion to me, right? Haha

Well, I'm off to pull together my looks for the shoot. Yikes!