Okay, well I'm still working out the details of my giveaway. Hopefully it will be EPIC. Sorry for the quasi-absence, I have been super busy these days. One of our employess quit and another one is always gone due to various reasons, so I'm working every day on top of doing inventory, which means I rarely, if ever, have time to do an outfit photo. I would do it after work but the Alaskan nights are setting in and by the time I get home it's dark already.
So, today you're going to have to use your imagination for my outfit.

I am wearing the skirt and plaid from the second outfit and the blazer and heels of the first, but with black nylons and my AA grey V-neck tee. So basically just throw a blazer and heels on the second outfit.
I had packed my fringe minnetonka boots and a pair of shorts to replace the heels and skirt when I got to work but... alas, I forgot them at home. So here I am at work for 8 hours in a shiny silver skirt and heels. Yay. I hope my feet forgive me tonight.

Yikes! I just remembered I'm going to the first hockey game of the season tonight! (Feet, don't fail me!). I've been going to our home team's games since I was 7 years old, so I can't wait to finally be able to go to a whole season of hockey. The last four years I've missed due to being out of state at school. Anyone else out there love hockey? Perhaps some Canadians (I know, I'm stereotyping, right)?
One of my good friends in college was from Edmonton, AB and we would watch the Oilers play on TV when we could. Plus, he was on our college hockey team and going to his games was a riot! All my guy friends would get drunk before (and during...) and it was HI-larious. One friend was from California and didn't know anything about hockey, so he would hurl ridiculous non-sensical insults at the other team and referees. Those were some good times... mind you, I was always the DD. So much so that my nickname was "mom" and my four best guy friends were my "sons." I still call them "son" when they call. Hah!

Oh, in some blog housekeeping: I last night I looked up delightfully-tacky.com and it wasn't registered... sooooo, I got it. So now my website is
http://www.delightfully-tacky.com/. Update your blogrolls accordingly! I don't know, guys, it was like 2 in the morning and I was like, "I'll buy my own domain!" I am calling it my 100-followers gift to myself. I almost had a panic attack when I did it, though, because I though I'd messed everything up and lost all my followers! The only things that did get messed up were my blogrolls, which I promptly fixed. I feel so cool now, all dot com-ing and whatever.

Okay, since this post is relatively photo-lacking, here is an amazing photo from ffffound.