For Reals First Day

Okay, well today was my first real day at my new job. I decided to look at it as going to class, since I'm going to be doing a lot of learning. Plus, I'm comfortable with going to school, so pretending that it was school made it easier I think. I must say, I’m kind of intimidated. All the girls are so pretty and fashionable. I’ve never had to look nice for a job before, I just wear the clothes I normally wear. Now that I’m actually expected to look nice, it’s kind of freaking me out. Oh well, I guess I will get used to it!Unfortunately, my bangs decided to be completely ornery this morning, and the rest of my hair played along. I'm thinking of cutting my bangs like Aya's. I don't know if that will render them more agreeable or less. But I'm not sure I'm done with my current style yet. I figure, if I'm not too keen on the Betty Page bangs, it won't take that long for them to grow back into my current ones.

shirt/thrifted :: skirt/thrifted :: shoes/payless :: bootstraps/etsy

Today I did a whole variety of things at work. Working the floor, selling, visual merch, tagging, inventory. Working the floor is relatively unnatural for me. I'm not the naturally outgoing kind of girl that usually is good at sales, I can do it, but it's a bit forced. The visual merchandising though, man, that was so great. I love love love it. I got to style some mannequins and display some purses and bags. I was so into the visual merch that I totally spaced that I was supposed to also be steaming new clothes. Whoops!

Well, I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Work at noon, though! I predict it will be less stressful, as there is not customer interaction required on sundays (we're not open). Hopefully I'll be learning inventory/visual merch type junk.

Hope your weekend is going well!

Hmmm, I'm craving a girls day/night complete with mimosas. I have neither girls nor mimosas. Perhaps I'll watch old episodes of The Hills and pretend that Lauren and Whitney are my friends. Laaaammmmeee-oooooo.