Fall All Leaves All Fall

Aha! I finally have time to a.) photograph my outfit, b.) upload it, and c.) actually have the energy to write a post. My feet still are mad at me from my accidental 12 hours wearing heels yesterday. I put them in some comfy boots to try and make them feel nice.
I am feeling increasingly "cousin it" lately, and I think I need to trim my bangs.

I love Ed Ruscha. He is the master of text in art. It can be so tacky and dumb (and not tacky in a delightful way...).

I'm really moving into a more "rock" look this fall. The spring and summer I was really feminine with a lot of high waisted skirts and ruffles, but I'm loving a more masculine, rough look these days. It's really a lot more of who I am, than the girly look. I think it's easier for me to put together feminine looks because it's new to me, I don't have that history. I have "bad habits" I suppose you could say. Not in the traditional sense. I was such a tomboy and never wore make up and you'd never see me in heels unless there was a formal event. Plus, I love rock and roll and studs and cigarettes and booze. Okay, that sounds really bad, hah! I don't actually smoke or drink, but it's kind of like this whole aura, you know? The sights and sounds and smells that are associated with rock and roll. Maybe that's why people say rock and roll is a bad influence, but I mean, I don't smoke and get wasted. I think blaming bad behavior on music or movies is kind of lame. Not that I don't think music and movies have influence on us, but I'm a strong believer in free will and liberty. I make me, music and movies and other influences don't make me. The play a role in who I am, but ultimately I am the bottom line on who I become.
Okay, that started out as a simple comment on my shifting style and ended in a deep philosophical/psychological evaluation.

In any event, I love raisin cinnamon toast. I haven't had it since I was a kid (though I still am one, really) and it took me back to those days. So yummy!