Delightfully Tacky Board Meeting!

So lets conduct this post like a board meeting. First, old business:

Okay well, this is not really old business, but it's not completely new business, as I won this giveaway from Mousevox Vintage last week. But it got the package in the mail today! New vintage (oxymoron?) goodies!! I received some cute gloves, a brooch and a necklace. I think it's quite fortuitous that I won as I cannot imagine the gloves fitting many other people. My hands are miniscule and the gloves fit, well, like a glove...

Moving on to the next order of old business, I finished my handmade leather and studded bootstraps! I wore them to my job interview today (which I think went well, it's so hard to tell sometimes). I don't even know if I'll ever wear my boots without them now! I propose a motion to wear them all the time. All in favor of wearing these all the time, say aye. (Aye!) Alright, the motion has passed.

In more old business, I made my nails into tiger stripes the other day. I had them painted orange, but then they started to grow out and I didn't want to get all into polish remover and redoing the whole thing, so I just slapped some black stripes on them and now, tigers! I don't really have any particular affinity for tigers, it was just the most logical thing to do with black nail polish over orange.

I will leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes before I move on to new business. New business is so awesome that it's getting it's own post, so get psyched up with this inspirational message from the one and only e.e. cummings.