The Show!

Okay! Now for the rundown of the show!
I really love Lulu E. Bebe, it's one of the few bright spots in Anchorage "fashion." Fashion for people up here is usually punctuated by snazzy snowboarding jackets, bunny boots and anything polar fleece. Northface jackets seem to be a common favorite. Pretty much in a nutshell: warmth and comfort. I have nothing against warmth or comfort, in fact I'm a huge proponent of both. I got a lot of flack when I wrote an article in my school newspaper last year deriding people for looking like slobs. They all claimed that to be stylish you had to wear short skirts and look slutty. I found this to be a very strange assertion, especially if you look at fall/winter collections from many designers. But I digress. Here are some of my favorite looks from the show:

It was an interesting experience for me. I had never really "understood" fashion shows fully until now. I mean, obviously they make sense for a designer to show their creations, but seeing looks fully styled and on a moving human being really makes the clothes real to you. I can't imagine what seeing a Bryant Park show would be like. Seeing photos of fashion shows is totally different from actually being there and seeing the clothes on the models.

It was nice to see so many pairs of tights and leggings. Lulu always has a pretty fun, youthful vibe about it. It was interesting learning from Lulu herself that the age group that comes into the store is often older, middle aged women. Her target audience is late teens to twenties, which makes sense to me from her clothes. Something must strike a chord with older buyers though. I guess I can see it. I bet my mom would like a lot of Lulu's stuff. But so do I!
I have a feeling that young people in Anchorage and surrounding areas have a tendency to shop at malls more than boutiques, which is why they don't venture into Lulu E. Bebe as often. You can find most of them shopping at places like A&F, American Eagle, Hot Topic and Forever 21. Not that you can't find good pieces at those places. I personally won't go into A&F and American Eagle because their clothes kind of disgust me (what with all the stupid sexual innuendos they print on their clothes. Classy, guys). I often find great items at Hot Topic and Forever 21 though, PacSun too. But anyway, that is all to say that, while great pieces can be found at large chain stores, places like Lulu E. Bebe can really bring a uniqueness to a wardrobe. I remember in high school it was so annoying buying a shirt I thought was cool at one of those chain stores and then seeing it the next day at school on like three different pieces. It still annoys me to shop at chain stores because I know that thousands of other people have the items I buy.

I have digressed again. I will stop rambling on now.