Well, I'm not usually into red carpets and award shows, but I was bored tonight and waiting for Mad Men. It actually turned out to be an interesting night. Besides Kanye being an absolute asshole to Taylor Swift, I think the highlight was definitely Lady Gaga. I'm not usually a big fan of pop stars or crazy publicity obsessed people, but Lady Gaga's style is really interesting and unique. She's not afraid to be different. I like that about her.

I'm usually kind of annoyed by Kristin Stewart, but she looked pretty great this evening in a beautiful dress. And Katie Perry can be kind of annoying also at times, but she looked pretty fabulous also this evening. Kind of like a radio city rockette, perhaps, but lets consider the venue shall we?

Some 'Hills' sightings on the red carpet included Whitney Port (who is now of The City), Lauren Conrad, Kristen Cavallari (VOMIT), Lo Bosworth, and ShePratt. I liked Lo's dress a lot. It was pretty casual, but not so much that it was out of place. I loved the print on it too. I include a photo of ShePratt because she looks like she's got the Heidi Montag happy meal at the plastic surgery drive-thru. She looks better than she normally does at these types of events though. Someone must have hidden her blue sparkle eyeliner that she still has from 1998.

I was searching for Lady Gaga's history and trying to figure out her real hair color and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she's naturally brunette, with hair very similar to mine!

She's an interesting person and quite smart, I think. She has this very fake exterior, but from what I gather of her, she's very learned and introspective, in addition to being extremely interested in fashion. I think I like both versions of Gaga. It will be interesting to see how her image morphs. She seems like the kind of person who could do anything to her image because she doesn't care what the media thinks of her. For all we know she could go back to being the girl next door.
She's also really influenced by 70's rock, especially David Bowie and Queen. This girl is making me like her more and more. She often wears a lightning bolt on her face a la Ziggy Stardust. For all people saying they dislike how she's this bizarre character and not a real person, David Bowie did the same thing, and he's DAVID BOWIE. Man, if I could go back to the Ziggy Stardust days and hang with Bowie... what a trip, man.