The Mane Event: How I do my Hair

Alright, get ready for a bunch of pictures of me. This is the hair tutorial episode!
Pretty much all my comments are in regards to my hair, and a lot of people ask me what products I use, so I thought I'd finally do a sort of hair tutorial.

Let's get going!!
Okay, I should start by saying that I use all Tresemme products, not because I have any particular affinity for Tresemme (though I do love it now), but because I won a year's supply of Tresemme products. So I'll let you know what Tresemme products I use as well as the alternatives I used before I was swimming in Tresemme.

So, let's start with the shower. I once read in Real Simple that shampoo doesn't really matter that much, it's just to clean your hair, so any cheap kind will work. I use whatever is cheapest at Fred Meyer, which is usually Suave coconut shampoo. Around $1.00. The conditioner is PARAMOUNT for me, however. It's one of the few things I will actually splurge on when it comes to hair products. It's important because the only time I ever put a brush to my hair is when there is conditioner in there.

My hair naturally gets dreds all on its own, so my conditioner has to have detangling capabilities. Right now I use Tresemme Flawless Curls Curl Moisturizing conditioner, but before I used to use Biolage detangling condition, or Garnier conditioner. Garnier when I was feeling frugal, as the Biolage was kind of spendy.

Next step, drying.

For optimum body, nearly all my drying is done with my hair flipped over my head. Lots of upside down time! After about a minute of blow drying I spritz Tresemme Curl Care Curl Locking styling spray throughout.

Then, right when it's almost all dry I flip it upside down again and spray Tresemme Tres Two hair spray up to my roots, to boost volume. I hate when my hair is limp at the top, so I always try to spray right around my crown with the hair flipped up. Then I blow dry it the rest of the way. I used to use Aqua Net hairspray, and Big Sexy Hair hairspray (for stronger hold situations).

Today I left my bangs curly, but when I straighten my bangs I just use a flat iron. I don't have a round brush, otherwise I'd probably try to blow dry my bangs straight, but alas, I am too lazy to go get one. Now that I said that I'll probably go get one...

Now, for those days between washes when it starts get limp and frizzy, I liven it up with a little bit of Tresemme Flawless Curls Curl Reactivation styling mist.

So there you go! No magic involved. Just a low-maintenance, quick couple steps!