Business As Usual

Yay! A day off of work! I took the opportunity to... well, dress like I'm going to work? Hah! If only I had a cool job where I could wear stuff like this.

I secretly want to work in a cubicle where I can hide in my little cubicle-den all day doing design work or writing. Yum! I did go to Kinkos today, though, so perhaps there was good reason to look business-y. Do you like my "new" blazer? Hah! I stole borrowed it from my little brother. I never had a sister to borrow clothes from, so I just did it with my little brother. Frankly, I prefer brothers, though I've never had a sister to make a comparison.

blazer/borrowed from little bro : shirt/A&F(thrifted) : skirt/thrifted : shoes/payless

It's full fledged fall here, with winter quickly approaching! Right now it's in the mid 40's (fahrenheit, that is), and there is some hella Termination Dust. Points to anyone who can tell me what termination dust is without Googling it. Cheaters never prosper.

Here's a close-up of my new shoes! I'm really enjoying them. They are comfy and I get to wear socks with them because a) my feet are too small for them, and b) it's cold out!

I don't know what I'm going to do once it snows! All my favorite photo places are outside! Perhaps I'll just get a tripod with snowshoes on it. Or maybe I'll get one of the jobs I applied for and move to Texas or Jersey. Hm, Jersey doesn't sound much warmer. Oh well.

I have been spending a lot of time at Le Blog de Betty and I'm trying to brush up on my French... I learned it a looong time ago, and then I took spanish a couple years ago, so now I I have this stupid mixture of Spranch (spanish-french) in my head. All that to say, J'espère que je ne ressemble pas à une idiote présentant ses observations sur son blog en français. Oh, internet translation, how did people learn languages before you?