Blogger of the Moment! The fourth edition...

Alright! The next installment of Blogger of theMoment features Indiana Adams of Adored Austin. She is a wonderful soul beaming with joy. She always has something great to say and is a total goofball. Head on over to her blog and check it out! But don't go just yet, she's done a little interview, read up folks!

1. What movie or movie character best characterizes you?

Miss Piggy. She's funny, she's tough, she makes bold fashion choices, and she has an unshakable devotion to her man... er, frog.

2. You are an actress and writer, what is your favorite part about both activities?

For acting, I mostly do children's theatre and commercial work. Being an actor is the best job, ever. I get PAID to play make-believe!As for my writing, I primarily do screenplays. I like it because it makes me feel like a magician. I'm turning blank pages into funny little things that people can act out. Voilá! Nothing into something!
3. What inspires your style?

Nostalgia is my favorite emotion, and I find myself drawn to objects and fashion inspired by my fantastic childhood. This
means I may buy a skirt with tulle underneath because it reminds me of ballet class, or I may buy a cameo brooch because it reminds me of my grandma. This, unfortunately, may also mean I buy some ridiculous 80's throw backs, too. Recently, nostalgia made me buy hammer pants and a Hypercolor shirt.

4. Of all the places you've lived, what is your favorite and why?

No one can top this: I lived at Disney World for eight months. When my best friend and I decided to take a year off from college, we were like, "What now?". I wanted to run away and join the circus, but I'm terribly afraid of clowns and monkeys. We did the next best thing, though: we moved to Orlando, Florida and did the Disney College Program. Every semester and summer, Disney hires 6000 college kids and puts them to work doing the menial tasks in the park. I didn't care that I was essentially working at a Disney McDonald's. I was living at Disney World! It was magical! Or maybe I got brainwashed... who knows! Nonetheless, I look back on it as one of the most fun times of my college years.

5. Why did you start a Adored Austin?

I had a funny personal blog (about acting) that was doing well, but then my agent kindly let me know that I should maybe cut it out since it was possible for a potential client to not hire me for fear that I'd blog about my my on-set work in a negative way. Around that same time I was reading like 20 personal style blogs because I love clothes and I love blogging. One day I was like, "Gosh, some of these are sooooooo serious. Fashion isn't always so serious! It's whimsical and funny and sometimes ridiculous. I need a place where I can be all of those things!" I killed the other blog, bought a domain name, and Adored Austin rose from the ashes!

6. What things make you happy on a daily basis?

Hubs, whom I've been married to for five years is the other half of this comedy dream team. He makes me extremely happy. I also have a little monster disguised as a dog named Jimi Hendrix. He's such a clown and is always getting into trouble. Even though he eats my underpants, he usually makes me happy, too. Other things that make me happy include: the smell of Hubs' shampoo in the morning, hearing the cardinals sing to each other at my bird feeder, reading comments on my blog, picking fresh food from our garden, naps, finding a marvelous treasure at a thrift store, and having a cup of hot herbal tea just before bed.

7. What do you have to say to people who claim that interest in fashion and decor is shallow?

I'd have to tell them that a lot of times, they're right!
Sometimes people are only interested in fashion and decor because they want to use expensive or luxury items as a status symbol. In those cases, fashion and decor interests are extremely shallow. However, most fashion bloggers and most reasonable people recognize that what we wear and how we decorate our surroundings affects our moods and even the moods of those around us. If we acknowledge that it holds that sort of influence, we can honor it and it becomes an expression of our own personalities. Gosh!

8. What's your favorite part of blogging? Have you made any friends through blogging?

My favorite part of blogging is the community that is
inherent within it. I use Adored Austin to speak and listen to other people. Let's face it: if I were just doing this for myself, I'd just keep a written journal and keep my Flickr page private. I do feel that I've made some blogging buddies. If you've been reading someone's site for a while and they update often, you'll get to know them pretty quickly. If you brave up and start commenting and emailing, before you know it, your mutual admiration has become an online friendship! But of course I love online friendships. I mean, c'mon! You're talking to a girl who met her husband online!

9. Have you ever met up with any bloggers in person?

I met up with Raquel from for a thrifting date when she came to Austin, but other than her, no one else... YET. Because of that, I am now using this space to officially extend an invitation to any style blogger to come visit Austin. I would love to meet you! We can eat breakfast tacos and shop South Congress like it's on fire! I have a guest room. You can stay in it, so long as you don't feed my dog underpants.

10. Do you prefer designer or vintage/thrifted items?

I prefer well made, thrifted items. For this very reason estate sales have become a weakness of mine.

11. Was there any blogger in particular who inspired you to start a style blog? What blogs are some of your favorite daily reads?

Before I had my own blog, I was hitting up some of the superstars:
Sea of Shoes, Style Rookie, Kansas Couture, and What I Wore, namely. I have to
give a special thanks to Jessica over at WhatIWore for linking me when I was brand new and Krystal over at This Time Tomorrow for commenting on my page and giving me encouragement my first week in. Now that I've been a part of this community for a little while, my favorite daily hits also include: Delightfully Tacky, Idee Geniale, Jen Loves Kev, and Wild as a Mink. But just a little sidenote here: I do visit every page in my sidebar almost every single day. I like the ones who have big, crisp pictures and update often the best!

12. Any other tidbits you'd like to share?

It's important to me that people know that I don't take myself too seriously. I write exactly how I talk to my best friend, and I'm not trying to do serious journalism over there. I feel so blessed to be a part of this awesome group of women who does these things and/ or reads these things, and I have some exciting developments coming up for Adored Austin for 2010.And also, going back to question one, I know that Miss Piggy isn't actually a person, so if you have to make me choose someone else that is actually human, I will choose Punky Brewster. Starting in season two, though, because for all of season one she only wears jeans and the same t-shirt every day. Boring!