Betty Draper

Ugh, I had to cover another opening shift today. My day off! Plus I am in full-fledged under-the-weatherness right now and waking up was like hell. But whatever. More money to save/pay off stuff. This is the dress I bought yesterday, I love it. It is my Betty Draper dress. There's something about looking like a 50's housewife and feeling like a she wolf which is so ... sly.

dress/moon collection (from Cosette)

Well, I they never called me for the second interview. I hope it doesn't mean I'm nixed (they are really super busy right now at the state fair. Today was the first day of the fair and they have two booths), my guess is that the manager who was supposed to interview me is stuck at the fair doing stuff. I hope.

So today my Vogue readings found me reading a piece about photographer Irving Penn. It kind of seems like photographers like he and Ansel Adams and Dorthea Lange don't exist anymore. I'm not too into contemporary photographers, so maybe this is false, but those photographers seem to hark from a lost time.
What is it about black and white photographs that is so haunting?