Time Capsules

I finally got to scan my Holga film! These photos are from 2007. It's a really weird experience to have documented events, but failed to print them until years later. I think it'd be an incredible time capsule to take photos but not print them until decades later (assuming the film holds up undeveloped for that long). The last photo is actually from a couple weeks ago.

holga skateboardholga skateboard
holga skateboard
holga skateboard
Holga bike banana seat vintage
I got this dress a week ago when I was in Portland, but haven't gotten to wear it since then, as it's been in the 90's and 100's. Now I'm finally back on the coast where the cool ocean breezes bring the temperature down to a comfortable level.
I was in Port Townsend today looking through vintage stores and found a purse that was nearly identical to my own. It made me feel like someone might stop me for shoplifting for carrying my own purse! It occurred to me that I'm kind of a walking thrift/vintage store. I'm okay with that. I found this incredible pill box hat which was amazing, but it was over a hundred dollars. Drat, I say. I have decided to get my hands on one, regardless. I love how classy and elegant they are. I like hats. No one wears them anymore. Women used to always wear the most fancy hats. I hope we bring that back someday.

outfit cute black dress summeroutfit cute black summer dress
outfit cute black summer dress purse leather vintage
dress/ross : purse/vintage

In unrelated news (which isn't really news, but sort of notable), I am on the list of candidates for Style Icon at Chictopia, so if anyone is on Chictopia, head over and become my fan!

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