Terra et terrarium.

So after I slept for four hours, then went to work for 7, then picked up my brother and dropped him off, then bought the best dress ever ... I decided to hike up a mountain. ? I know. I was planning on hiking to the top, but I am coming down with something and about 3/4 of the way up I decided my vigorous hike wasn't having the healing effect it was intended to have, so I turned around and went back. It was nice to be in fresh air and take the dog for a walk though. She was having the time of her little doggie life!

So. Vogue. As you all know, the first 200 pages of Vogue are entirely advertisements. This time, though I felt like such a trend setter! Fendi has an ad with a girl wearing tall-boot half chaps, Hermes has an ad with a girl on a dog sled wearing a parka with a little doggie in her bag, Prada has an ad with huge chap-like boots, Tods has riding-esque boots in their ad, and Bally has lace leggings! I could care less if I'm "on trend," frankly. I wear what is comfortable for me, and if I'm not comfortable, I change. It was kind of amusing though.

The article I read last night was by Galt Niederhoffer, about her father's financial success and ruin and how it shaped her life. It was very interesting, as I felt it somewhat related to my own struggles for personal success. Her father was a self-made man, who gained his fortune from taking risks and working hard. As a girl she reaped the benefits of that fortune in dance lessons, private schooling, piano lessons, etc. But later it somewhat haunted her. In high school kids chastised her for her successes-- attributing them to her father's wealthy influence. When her father's financial empire crumbled, she saw a chance to really make it for herself, without anyone having the opportunity to brush it off as just a side effect of her father's money.
While I was lucky in school to not have kids make fun of me or be rude to me (for the most part), or to have people claim that my successes were only due to my father's money, I still have the feeling that I have to make it for myself-- to prove myself independently of my family. It was a good story, it was nice to hear a success story of someone who has come through the success of a parent's generation to acquire their own success.

Speaking of success, I got some moss on my hike and then went home and made my little terrarium! I hope it works, I like it. I think I'm going to paint the cap of the jar so "medium" isn't written on it. I might make another so this one has a pal.

In my little life instruction book I would put, "make a homemade terrarium." But I did not write this one, so alas.

30. Never buy a house without a fireplace.

31. Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards.

32. Once in your life own a convertible.

33. Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.

I will definitely abide by #30, but I think I'm going to exempt myself from #32 because I already got my dream car and I hate wind so I probably wouldn't like a convertible.