Sweet Darlin'

I found this great new blog VintageMint! I found it when I was searching for a Mad Men themed halloween costume (!). Oh yeah, that's right. Anyway, they have a lot of cute diy's and suggestions, as well as great photos.

mad men vintagemint costume
And since I already let the cat out of the bag... I'm pretty sure for halloween I'm gonna be a Mad Men secretary. I can't be Betty (though we do have the same name...) since my hair is the exact opposite of hers. I've been searching the web for costume inspiration...

mad men style vintage 60's outfit retromad men style vintage 60's outfit retro
mad men style vintage 60's outfit retro

Here's an office party where they all dressed up like Mad Men characters! How exciting! I wish I worked somewhere this cool.
mad men style vintage 60's outfit retro
And I'm pretty sure there's nothing sexier a man could wear than the suits the men in Mad Men wear.
mad men style mens vintage 60's outfit retro

I have always been annoyed by the typical engagement and wedding photos that people pay photographers thousands of dollars for. I have always wanted to have polaroids taken when I got married. I thought it would be have polaroids sent out with the save-the-date announcement as well. I loved these by Cassie Kammerzell:

Cassie Kammerzell polaroid holga vintageCassie Kammerzell polaroid vintage holga
Cassie Kammerzell polaroid vintage holga
Mere moments ago... I cut bangs in my hair!!!!

cute bangs curly hair cutcute bangs curly haircut
I cut them dry and curly, then took a shower to make my hair be at it's curliest so I could see how they looked when it's most curly, then straightened them to make sure they were even and looked okay straight. I likes! They make me feel like Chuck from Pushing Daisies, and Zooey D.!

*Update #2*
Anyone looking to get their MadMen fashion on should check out Vintagefashion.dk, they have great vintage dresses and accessories.