Oooh, Kitschy Woman

I have started to acquire a fondness for owls... I don't know what it means or where it came from, but I like it in that quirky-pointless-fondness-for-random-things kind of way. They are so kitsch. I adore all things kitsch. I am going to decorate my new room in all kitsch: ugly owls from thrift stores, paint by number paintings, weird old art depicting frolicking children. And fake wood, you'd better believe it.

I found this great artist Miss Brigette on etsy, and she had this cute painting/print for sale (among other lovely things to look at):

She also has a blog and flickr
here and here.


I was on design*sponge looking for inspiration for room decor for when I return home next week and came across these beautiful spaces:

Not having any of my art with me in my living space will be hard. For the past four years I've been able to decorate with all my art and things that I've acquired in Washington state. Trying to fly home without breaking the bank on luggage fees will be difficult though. And I won't get to bring any of my paintings (as they are all pretty huge). Thankfully the only space I have to personalize is a very small room, not a whole apartment or house.

How are your guys' rooms decorated?