I just turned the tv to AMC (the best channel on television), and found the greatest movie!

K-9 movie belushi german shepherd
I have been wanting a Golden Retriever lately, but this movie has the most incredible German Shepherd! I love them so much. They are so expressive and loving. I think both breeds are great friends. I just want my dog to be a great friend to me. I think animals are extremely important for a full life. They teach you so much. They give you a chance to be responsible for another life (assuming you don't already have a kid). They give you someone to talk to when no one else will listen. They are loyal to you and protective of you. They are soft and comforting to snuggle up with. They have so much personality and love.
My horse Taco was that figure for me all through Jr. high and high school. My little dog Pansy was kind of that after Taco, but Pansy was never really my dog. And her sister is completely my dad's dog.

So I'm down to two breeds: Germ Shep and Gold Ret

Other television related things:
Mad Men season three starts in 15 days! I will be home by then too, so I won't miss it! I don't like a lot of television, but this show is one of the best I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. The first and second seasons are both available on iTunes and DVD. It's money well spent. I promise. I mean, even if you don't like the plot (which is hard to imagine), the sets and wardrobe are just visually stunning.

mad men season three 3
And another show that I only recently discovered is Pushing Daisies! Another show with absolutely stunning visuals. It's far more whimsical than a Mad Men type drama, and cunningly hilarious. Maybe I just like shows with sharp dressed men in skinny ties and lovely women in timeless dresses...
Regardless, this show is in my top ten all time favorites. It got cancelled after only two seasons, unfortunately. Both seasons are on DVD now, so you can go get them!

pushing daisies