I had the most successful Value Village run today resulting in my new striped sweater! I got a couple other great items, but I will share those on a later date. I had one of my friends come in from out of town today, so it was fun to see him. I haven't seen him since we graduated in May! We went thrifting and then to dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse, which is this great restaurant here in town. They have a microbrewery too, so we got some great beer. I had a raspberry wheat beer, which was quite tasty.

sweater/thrift : skirt/thrift : shoes/thrift

I found this today on my computer. I had forgotten that I made it! I like it...

I also got a surprise call this morning from Germany! It is so crazy having a 10 hour time difference. I am going to bed when he wakes up, and waking up when he's going to bed. It feels like, since he lives his whole awake life while I'm sleeping, he is just living in my dreams. I hope to make it out to Germany sometime while he's there. I want to be a global traveller too! Incentive to make big bucks, I suppose! Airfare halfway around the world is not cheap.

Where do you guys want to go visit in this vast earth?