I am multi-computering tonight because I'm trying to upload a video I took of this thing I went to and for some reason my mac doesn't have a firewire port but my brother's does. So I was sitting here waiting for it to upload when the screen went into screensaver mode and started a slideshow of his iPhoto library. I liked a couple and thought they were very beautiful, though he didn't take them with an artsy mindset.

I'm pretty sure they are both from disposable cameras. I love the look of photos from disposable cameras and earlier this year promised to myself that I would use them all the time, but have forgotten. I'm glad this reminded me.

I just like the colors, the vignetting from the harsh flash, the graininess... They are so beautiful in a low-fi kind of way. Plus they are always so spontaneous.

Well tomorrow I finally have a day off from work. On my agenda: relaxing.