Yay! Another campground with internet access! This wireless is much more reliable here so I can upload more photos!

I am camping on the Washington peninsula for this week and then somewhere else next week, so my internet is going to be intermittent, depending on the campgrounds. Some have wireless internet, others do not.

Here I am on the longest beach in the world (or so they claim) at Long Beach, WA. It was very cool. You could take your car out and drive all down the beach. It would’ve been very cool to be there for fourth of July, there were bonfire remains and firework debris all around.

shirt/nollie : cardigan/thrift(diy) : shorts/thrift(diy) : sandals/target

Here is my mobile-casa! Excuse my goofy expression, my brother was making me laugh. I lived in this RV for two months and 13,000 miles in 2007 with my whole family. We drove from Alaska to Cape Cod, and then back across the country to Washington state. Best vacation ever.

shirt/walmart(little boys') : skirt/thrift : moccasins/minnetonka

When we got in the RV this time, we were all ready to drive across the country for months again. It's pretty weird only being in here for two weeks and only driving a short distance in one state. We went through 28 states and 2 Canadian provinces last time!

*edit* In the jumping picture I noticed I look like I am simultaneously leaping and giving my brother a Vulcan mind meld...