Future times

Today is more painting. We had to paint the wall two different times today because the firs color we chose was not right. It looks good now though. A lovely shade of blue. Once all the masking is down I'll take a picture. Also, we are getting the other coral room carpeted tomorrow, so once that is done I'll have a picture of that room up as well.

I have not been as feminine these days. I think this mostly stems from just simplicity and the fact that 80% of my clothes are in various bags packed away from my move.

cool summer stylecold summer style
jeans/ross : shirt/walmart : plaid shirt/thrift : hat/target

These days I'm contemplating the various forces which exert themselves upon my life and the direction of my life. I have so many passions and ideas that I almost feel stifled, and yet at the same time I don't feel accomplished enough at any of the things I like in order to feel ready to jump into trying to make them a career. I guess it's just a matter of me jumping in because it will probably always feel like I'm over my head at first.