Hamburger Helper.

I had a phone interview today. I just really want a job. I hate talking on phones though, so a phone interview was really not my favorite thing at all. It's like I never know the right answers to the questions they are asking.  Hopefully I came off as good as I looked on paper.  I know I look great on paper, but on the phone/in person I don't know.  Pray for my interview and that I get a call back to come in for an actual interview!!

Today I cried for about an hour remembering how my ex cheated on me. I don't know why something that happened four years ago made me cry all of a sudden. I just don't understand why someone who claims to love you would cheat on you. I don't understand how any one does that to anyone else. I hope I am never cheated on again. I am not sure I could take the heartbreak.

I spent about a half hour looking for my laundry key this afternoon, becoming convinced that it was lost forever.  Then I realized that I was smarter than I even thought and had put it next to my detergent.  Sigh.

Tonight I am making Hamburger Helper!!!  I'm so Suzy Homemaker right now, eh?  I love Hamburger helper, I don't know why.