Permanent Collection

Exciting update in my art realm!!
This painting: 

Is being purchased by my university's art department to be included in the Permanent Collection.  It's really great to be included in such a prestigious art collection, and to have my work at my school for years to come for students down the road to experience.  It's really the greatest honor I could imagine.  Plus, I'm being paid!  Bonus!

Dress/craft fair find : Cardigan/gap : Scarf/thrift : Headpiece/handmade

I think (weather pending) I'm going to wear this outfit tomorrow.  I just found this old dress in my closet and was trying out different options for wearing it.  There's a hot dog/book/art sale tomorrow and I think I'll go try to sell some prints.  

Unfulfilled desire of the day: Making bunches and bunches of pastel frosted cupcakes.