Here is the headboard I was talking about.  I think I'm going to leave it unpainted.  My creativity is being sucked dry by senioritus and I don't want to just slap something on it.  I had to move some of my pictures and things that were above my bed, so now my desk area looks a little different too.

The other day was nice and warm, a skirt day indeed.  I got a new dress the other day, so hopefully it will make an appearance soon.  I am thinking of altering it, but we'll see.  It's very summery!

skirt/thrift : shoes/minnetonka : shirt/thrift

I woke up at five this morning for work so I am utterly exhausted right now.  Trying to stay awake until a reasonable time for sleep.  Otherwise I would be productive and take pictures of the new dress.  Alas, my body desires to remain horizontal.