Lou's Bluff

I went camping last night at one of my friends' lake cabin! It was great times. More pictures to come once I get pictures from everyone else's cameras.

Yesterday was the first day out of school "forever." It seems like there are so many opportunities just waiting for me! Who knows though. I have to go look at a new apartment today. I have a feeling I won't like it, but I might as well look anyway. I do like the one I have now, the location just doesn't make as much sense now that I'm not in school. I don't even know where life will take me in this next year. All my years up till now have been predictable: go to school. But now, with school behind me, the possibilities are endless!

Here is what I wore yesterday. Ironic that I wore my boyscout shirt the day we went camping...

shirt/thrift : skirt/thrift : sandals/thrift