Wood 'n things

I have discovered that fake wood is one of my most favorite things. Or at the least, really low quality real wood. Preferably fake wood contact paper. And plastic wood furniture!! In my house of the future (of my dreams) all my wooden things are fake. I found this business card on flickr and it is just so awesome! If I have a business card someday, I want it to have fake wood. (all from the flickr group Fake Wood Days)

I did a collaborative print with one of my friends (and one of the most incredible artists I know)
Bryan Putnam. While they aren't my favorite prints that I've ever made, I do think they are quite fun and silly. Of course, my contribution was the mobile homes...
Nazareth Heights (top)
Cana Estates (bottom)

I have an enormous print in the works (read: in my brain at the moment). Soon it will
actually be in the works. I feel like I need to finish strong with a large piece and I think (assuming it turns out like it is in my mind) it will be one of my favorite prints.

I will post an outfit later today. It's so sunny today!!