Robert Campin'

So, (sigh), my senior exhibit jury is tomorrow afternoon.  Everything has to be hung in the critique room by 4 pm and the pieces chosen for the show will be posted by noon on Wednesday.  I am trying to keep my insides from being a big knot.  Everyone is guaranteed one piece in the show, but I'd really prefer to have more than that!  Here are the three pieces that I'm putting in the jury tomorrow:


Robert, campin'
Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Cut Out Map

Robert's Woods

The titles for the last two make more sense if you a) have a knowledge of art history and b) can see the signature on the lower painting.

The lower painting is actually a $6 reproduction of a Robert Wood painting I found at Value Village.  His signature is in the lower right corner, and I've changed it to say "Robert's Woods," as if some guy named Robert is camping in this place and it's become known as his woods.  

The middle painting is an altarpiece type painting.  Robert Campin is an old artist from the 1400's who painted incredible altarpieces.  

So, ironically they both involve Robert's.  

My prediction is that they'll choose the first two.  I don't know what they'll think of the last one since 90% of it I bought at a thrift store.  Hey, man, it's appropriation.  Welcome to post-post-modernism.