Mad Max

I haven't been posting much lately. My camera is out of batteries so I haven't been taking pictures of outfits lately. My other camera has battery but isn't as good for outfit pictures.

An exciting thing happened today: I got to babysit Max!
He is laying next to me in bed right now. Such a sweet boy.

I am going to take him out and then watch Mad Men! The styles in that show are just fantastic! I can't believe the hairstyles the women have. The ones in this photo aren't even the good ones. All the secretaries have incredibly elaborate and fancy hairstyles. I wish we were into that in these days. Though I imagine my hair would NOT have anything to do with being straightened and pinned and tucked and placed and curled.
Note it's unruly desires:
Although, I do think I prefer waking up and not having to do anything to it over fussing and toiling for hours over it.