Tomorrow is a bike day, for sure!  Although it says it's going to rain..  I will still bundle up and bike because I haven't been able to all weekend.

You can tell if I like a piece I've made by how fast it goes on my own wall.  The woodgrain screenprint from last post got on the wall almost before the ink was dry.  And I like my new print (scroll down!) so much I almost want to put the mid-process proof on my wall!  

It is something unlike any print I've made yet at school.  I've done a few drawings like this but most of my prints and paintings are quite banal and dry.  Graphic and ironic.  Not beautiful in the most Kollwitz or Rembrandt sense.  Plus I've never made an intaglio print using mezzotint.  The rich black quality is due to the Mezzotint process.  I could try to explain mezzotint, but I bet wikipedia would do you a better service.

The beauty of printmaking is that it produces multiples so I can have one and so can you!!  If you want to buy this one, I think I may put it on etsy as soon as I'm done with the edition.  Would anyone like one?