Denver, Boston, and Chicago.

Sorry for the absence of late.  It will probably continue for a few more days following this post.  I am in the midst of a frantic art-making frenzy as the jury for my Senior Exhibition is on Tuesday afternoon.  My life currently consists of listening to hours of Neil Diamond radio on Pandora, watching episodes of Mad Men, and swimming in acrylic paint and gold leaf.

I realized that I am featuring some incredible artists in my magazine, but I haven't been sharing them with you guys!  So here are a couple photographers who were in the first two issues, Graeme Macpherson and Alexander Davis.  Click on their names to go to their Flickrs!

First, Graeme.  If you go to his Flickr, you'll see that he has been infected with my RV virus.  I went back to the original muse (the one in the second photo) a couple weeks ago and up walked Graeme with his camera too!  So he got this shot of me as we were both courting the lovely Brave... 

And then Alex Davis was featured in the second issue.  He does a lot of Lomo stuff, which is just magical.  He's also on the magazine staff, and is my most favorite staff member (since I play favorites...), hah!