april fools

My posts have become very nocturnal.

I am not even slightly going to disguise my contempt for this city right now.  It is april first (second by now) and everything is covered in snow.  April has fooled me!  Not t'other way 'round! I want to ride my bike for God's sake, why is this happening????  In an attempt to court spring out of her reticence I shall woo her with cummings...

skies may be blue;yes
(when gone are hail and sleet and snow)
but bluer than my darling's eyes,
spring skies are no

hearts may be true;yes
(by night or day in joy or woe)
but truer than your lover's is,
hearts do not grow

nows may be new;yes
(as new as april's first hello)
but new as this our thousandth kiss,
no now is so

I painted some more tonight.  Very briefly.  I think I need to buy a smaller paint brush.  I cannot find any of my old ones, they are probably in storage and I don't want to get all my boxes of old thing out to find them.  Details are important.

I am happiest when I'm painting.

Also riding bikes in the warm weather.

What makes you happy?