A very good place to start

So, we'll start at the beginning.  To preface this new part of my blog, I will let you know that two summers ago my family and I went on a nationwide RV trip, starting in Alaska and going all the way to the east coast and then back to Washington state.  I have hundred of photos and memories from this trip and thought I would share my journey with everyone.   So I'll start from the beginning:  Alaska and the Yukon.

The first place that we stayed, Sourdough Campground in Tok (pronounced Toke), Alaska was the best campground we stayed at the entire time.  And trust me, we stayed at a lot of campgrounds.  Probably around 50 different campgrounds.  This one was just incredible, and since it was the first one we stayed at we didn't even know that we had hit the best one the first night on the road!  They had live folk tunes, an Alaskan comedian, a pancake throw in which you could win a pancake breakfast the next morning (some of the pancakes, which were actual pancakes, were made in the shapes of Alaskan animals.  My mom tossed a whole fleet of mosquito pancakes, there was a salmon pancake, a moose pancake...), a full dinner and desert, free marshmallow roasting, an RV wash (which is essential to remove the millions of bugs which find their last breaths on your grille), and excellent facilities.
  Here is our lovely home, at the onset of its life.
This is documentation of the pancake toss.  Unfortunately I only got to throw a round pancake, not a creature shaped one.  If you made your toss into the bucket you got a free breakfast and your picture taken on the wall.  You can see the pictures on the wall behind me, there were hundreds of them!  I don't think anyone made it the night I was there...