Red, she said.

I got some great shoes and a Judas Priest shirt from Value Village today. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of them soon. I have been thinking about lightening my hair for the summer months. I'm not sure how it'd go since I've been dying it black for a few months, but the dye I've been using for that is non permanent. I'm no expert on hair coloring though. Maybe someday I'll have a cute short hair cut like the second girl, but I fear my hair is too curly for hair that short and I'd just look like I got some god awful perm. (all Lookbook)

I love this whole fedora hat look. I borrowed one from my brother and I want to steal it, but I think I'll be nice and leave it. I might have to get my own though because I love love love the look.

This girl just has a great style. I love the life she has.

I liked this girl's dress.

And these two just look like great friends. Recently I have been thinking about going out and being gregarious and making new friends. But I'm not a gregarious person and I'm not one to make a lot of friends. I wish I had someone like in this picture though.
So what do you guys think? I'm a person who really dislikes change, but I'm graduating from college this spring and I'm thinking maybe I should start off with a new spark in this new stage of my life. I've never had hair lighter than my natural color, which is a really dark brown. Would my hair look good in a lighter red color? I just don't know!