Planes, no trains, and automobiles.

I am utterly exhausted and achy.  
My plane did end up making it out of Anchorage.  Mt. Redoubt decided not to erupt on Sunday, leaving a window of opportunity for flights to make it out (to see why I might not have flown, scroll down...).  Of course it was not without delay.  The flight was supposed to leave at 2:30 am, which is awful in and of itself.  But then, when they were de-icing the plane, the de-icer guy accidentally sprayed it into the door, and since they are designed to be pressurized from the inside, it got gooky de-icing junk inside the plane.  At first they thought it had something to do with a malfunctioning door, so they told us to sit tight as they cleaned up the stuff, and then we'd all have to get off the plane while they tested the door to make sure it worked properly.  All of this would've resulted in me missing my connecting flight in Seattle, which I was not looking forward to.  Not to mention not sleeping at all.  It turned out that it was just a mistake that the de-icer made and that the door was fine so we didn't have to get off.  We didn't take off until like 4 am though.  I'm not sure what I did on the plane could be categorized as sleep. 

But enough complaining.  Here is installment #2 of my epic journey across America.  Signpost Forest!  And other Yukon sights. 
Here's our trusty steed taking a break along the highway.

The Watson Lake Signpost Forest is world famous.  I remember coming to it in the early 90's when we moved to AK from California.  There is a picture of me as a very small person standing next to a Sacramento, CA sign.  We couldn't find that original one, but here I am beneath another Sacramento sign.  It has grown exponentially since then, it's really quite remarkable.  If you ever drive up the Alcan, it is a spot you cannot miss.

And, of course we saw animals of all shapes and sizes along the way.  Here are some Bison we saw along the road.

Next time: Dawson Creek, B.C. (no, not that tv show), and more animals and sights???