This week on Menswear Mondays: G-lasses.  Specifically, horned rim, fifties glasses.  Not much to say about them, I think they can look really great sometimes.  Sometimes they look contrived and like the person wearing them is trying too hard.  I like them for the most part, though.

I feel like I've been relegated to posting only a couple times a week since I'm so busy dealing with other things in life.  I finished my first painting for my painting III class,  I have been making the posters for our senior art exhibition, I had my release party for CORSAIR on friday night, and I've been working all weekend.

I can't believe I'm mere months away from graduating with a bachelor's degree.  Time is flying now faster than ever.  I feel like my life has finally found its calling with this whole magazine thing.   We'll see what happens after graduation.